You May Open Your Booklet and Begin!

Last week saw our Year 6 pupils joining with hundreds of thousands of their peers across England and Wales to complete their Key Stage 2 National Assessments – known as SATs. Every year, all Year 6 pupils are formally assessed across a week of assessments or exams which get sent off to be marked, with their results made public in July. Pupils complete SATs exams on grammar, punctuation and spelling; reading comprehension and Maths – arithmetic and reasoning.

This year, there has been a lot of media coverage about the Key Stage 2 SATs exams and the much debate around the amount of stress they put the Year 6 pupils under. At Beckley, our Year 6 pupils showed a magnificent attitude towards each of their 6 SATs papers. They approached their tests in a calm, confident, controlled and composed manner and tried their absolute best. We are incredibly proud of the attitude our Year 6 pupils showed and they were a real credit! Well done to our Year 6 pupils!

This week, our Year 2 children have been completing their Key Stage 1 National Assessments (SATs). The children have two tests in reading comprehension and two in maths. Again, their attitude towards taking the tests has been outstanding and we are incredibly proud of them also!