Amazing Victorian Week!


Last week we celebrated our 200th Anniversary with a whole ‘Victorian Week’. This included the entire school dressing in Victorian costume for the week and every day having a different Victorian theme for the learning taking place.

On Monday – we held a Victorian history day, where the children learnt about clothing worn by rich and poss Victorian people, plus some of the different uniforms worn by Victorian soldiers throughout the empire.

On Tuesday – a photographer came to the school and we re-created some of the early photographs of the school from the Victorian period

On Wednesday – the school held our Beckley 200 Victorian tea-party, with Victorian food prepared by the pupils.

On Thursday – the whole shool visited Preston Manor – a large Victorian Manor house in Brighton. Here the children experienced life down in the servant areas, washing and cooking and then saw the contrast by finding out about life upstairs, where the wealthy family would have lived.

On Friday – we had a Victorian science day when the children learned about some of the major scientific breakthroughs that happened in this period of history.

What an amazing week!!