Beckley Celebrates the Coronation!

To celebrate the coronation of Charles III, the school had a day full of special ‘coronation’ events on Friday. Children and staff came to school wearing red, white and blue and each class spent the morning with a range of activities to learn about and celebrate the historic event.

In the afternoon, local Beckley residents, the Beckley Pre-School and parents all joined the staff and children to enjoy a Coronation Tea Party. The weather was very kind to us and everyone was able to enjoy a picnic as a whole community. Tea and cake was supplied by the BSA, along with a kind donation from the Beckley WI.

Children wore the crowns they had made in the morning and Mr T explained to everyone how the coronation was a very unique occasion that had been an important part of the country’s history for over 1000 years. We finished our fabulous afternoon off by singing the National Anthem and giving King Charles III three-cheers, from the Beckley community.