Bloomin’ Beckley!

The hours and hours of sunshine over the past few weeks have caused an explosion of growth in thte school orchard and vegetable garden! During this lockdown period, our group of Key Worker pupils have spent a lot of time gardening in the orchard – weeding, watering and generally looking after the raised beds, fruit trees and flowers planted.  A variety of fruit and vegetables were planted in the spring and are now looking very healthy, with a good crop to come – carrots, cucumbers, pumpkins, potatoes, raspberries and strawberries!

As well as all the fruit and vegetables in our raised beds, we have several of our fruit trees growing heavy with fruit for a month or two’s time – apples, pears and figs are all looking promising!

One problem is water! We use a huge tank to collect all the rain water running off the roof over the outdoor area in Acorns – the tank holds 1000 litres of water, and was full at the start of lockdown. However, with barely any rainfall since then, the tank is now empty and so we are having to use water from the sinks in the classroom.


By the way – the raspberries taste fantastic!