Bikeability Braves the Weather!

Every year, our Year 5 pupils spend a week developing their cycling skills and improving their road-awareness so that they can enjoy cycling safely.  Due to the interruption to school last year, our Bikeability week could not take place and so just before half term, we had all of our current Y5 and Y6 pupils braving the weather to complete their Bikeability training.   Despite a few torrential downpours to contend with, the pupils were magnificent on the road and every one passed their Level 1 and Level 2 assessments.  Well done to each one of them, and we hope they have dried out by now!

Excitement across the road!

As the children were being dropped off this morning, there was great excitement and fascination at the events going on in our neighbour’s garden, across the road from the school.  A huge construction vehicle had pulled into the driveway and then slowly opened its long arm – much to the excitement of the pupils arriving at school! What was happening?  Was it a crane or something else?  We all watched as the arm extended higher into the air and then slowly reached out over the entire house.  It gradually became clear that our neighbours were having concrete poured for some building work at the back of their house and the huge arm was to lift the hose up and over the roof, to the back of the property.  It was fascinating to watch the skill of the crane operator manoeuvering the enormous arm in such a confined space, and it was certainly a ‘different’ start to the week!

Our own ‘Bake Off’ star!

Sophia, one of our Year 6 pupils has amazed us at the end of term by bringing in 100s of cakes that she decorated and sold to raise money for the school. Her amazing cup-cake designs were incredibly popular at a socially-distanced cake sale, orgainsed after school on the last day before the Easter holidays.

Sophia uses special cake decorating equipment to create the amazing effects with her icing techniques, and today she raised over £130 for the school through her efforts! Wow – well done Sophia…and, yes, they were yummy too!

Beckley Celebrates World Book Day

This year, World Book Day was different! The national day coincided with schools still not fully reopened and so at Beckley, we decided to delay our celebrations until all the pupils had returned. As always, a huge number of our children (and their parents!) had got their creative hats on to design and make some glorious costumes that celebrated characters from our favourite books. In order to keep socially distanced, the school gathered outside to take photographs and it was a lovely opportunity to gather the school together as a whole community. There were lots of Harry’s and Hermione’s, along with some Hulks, Pirates, Marvel characters, dinosaurs, Fantastic Mr Fox and an amazing Mr Twit!

Staff joined in the fun as well, with Robin Hood, the Wicked Witch of the East and we even had a Demon Headmaster…scary!

Freezing Opportunities

The freezing weather  is always a ‘mixed blessing’. It has been very stressful for many parents struggling to get to work because of the snowy and icy driving conditions and the very slippery paths. At the same time however, it has brought some real fun and joy to many who made the most of the snow for snowballs, snowmen and sledging! Children at school have certainly enjoyed the times to be out in the snow-covered playground with their class bubbles!

The freezing conditions have also created the beautiful winter landscapes that we only occasionally see. Ice around the school has been a great source of some fantastic and spontaneous science learning. Why does salt cause the ice on the pathways to melt?  Why doesn’t the water at the bottom of the container freeze? Why does hot water freeze faster than cold water? It has been great to make the most of the opportunities presented to us by the weather.


The ‘adventure of learning…’

Over the last two weeks, Mr Thurston has been using his daily video posts to talk about some of the key aspects of the school vision statement. Over the last school year, the ‘new’ school vision has been introduced to the school and pupils have begun to see how the vision is applied to everyday school life at Beckley. The school vision is one of the most important foundations for the school to build on, as it sets our core beliefs and values, describing what is important to us and where we are aiming for as a school community.

Mr Thurston has been explaining in more detail how the opening sentence of our school vision can be applied to everyday life at school.

‘At Beckley, we embrace the adventure of learning, encouraging everyone to step out further, think more deeply and become more understanding.’

This week, he is looking at the final section of this sentence – what it means to ‘…think more deeply and become more understanding.’ Listen to his daily video posts to find out!

Remote Learning – Parents share their views

Over the last two weeks, many of our parents have taken part in a survey about the provision and support for the remote-learning that we have put in place.  Teachers are working very hard to provide learning for all children who have to stay at home under the current restrictions. Alongside this, the various ways that the school has tried to support children and parents have also been crucial. However, what is really important is to ask parents about the work being set and to find out if the support provided is helping, or if we need to make any changes.

The survey responses so far show that almost 90% of children are completing most or all of the work set, with 80% of children spending between 1 – 4 hours every day on their home learning. Parents say that the biggest challenge for them is  trying to support the remote-learning for siblings in different classes at the same time. another key challenge for parents has been trying to juggle the remote-learning for their children alongside working from home themselves. Parents particularly like the structured plans for every day and also find the live-stream support sessions very helpful. Overall, parents have given the school a mark of 4.4 out of 5, but there is still time for others to complete the survey and let us know what you think.

Breaking News: Red Maple Nativity is here!

There was real excitement in Red Maple today as the news broke about reports of an incredible event that was taking place in Bethlehem. On Friday, the Red Maple 24 Hour News Team will be bringing you the full story…


Make sure you log in here to get the latest update!


Acorns Nativity Excitement!

As  filming for the Acorns Nativity production took place, the excitement was heightened by some of the film ‘extras’ who helped the Acorn nativity have that little bit more authenticity!

Maybe the image here will give you a clue of the sort of ‘film extras’ involved!  Make sure to watch to see for yourself.

Going for Gold!

Sports competitions between schools are one of the many things have have needed to change in recent months  as a result of COVID-19. However, we are still enjoying real success in the new ‘virtual’ school sports events taking place. In October the schools cross-country competition took place – schools had to make out a course over a set distance and then time their pupils completing the course. The times were submitted and organised to produce a set of results across the schools. Our Beckley runners had a fantastic set of results, with pupils from Years 1 to 6 taking part. In all, we had 5 pupils coming 1st in their age group races, with a further 9 pupils gaining either a 2nd or 3rd place finish! Our winners were competing against 5 other schools in the Rye area and so their achievements are something we are really proud of. Well done everyone!