Children Explore the Nativity Story

Last week, pupils in Blue Spruce class enjoyed a workshop run by King’s Church where they explored the stories behind ‘the story’! In the run up to Christmas, the Nativity story is familiar to most children, but Blue Spruce spent an afternoon ‘digging deeper’ into the story. How did Mary feel when the Angel Gabriel visited her? Why did the Wise Men bring three gifts that really weren’t very ‘baby appropriate’? Was the birth of Jesus predicted in the Bible? 

The Children and Families team from King’s Church used a whole range of immersive and interactive activities to help Blue Spruce investigate and explore the Nativity – solving puzzles, smelling real Frankincense and Myrrh, and handling Old Testament scrolls! It was a really fascinating afternoon and the pupils really enjoyed the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the story that they thought they knew so well!