Children happy to be back at school

Last week, some of our pupils from Acorns class returned to school as part of the gradual releasing of lockdown measures, introduced to help manage COVID-19. We have worked hard to create new procedures for parents dropping off and picking up their children so that everyone remains safe, and we have been delighted with the way this has worked. Parents bring their children through the main gate, one at a time where they are met by Mr Thurston. He takes the temperature of each child and they clean their hands with an anti-bacterial wipe, before they walk around to their classroom.

In Acorn’s class, the children each have their own table and their own ‘pack’ which contains pencils, pens and all the things they will need. The children are using the various outdoor spaces as much as possible and are really enjoying the opportunities to be outdoors. After lunch, the Reception children are being met by their parents and finishing ‘school’ for the day.

Talking with parents and the children themselves, many of the initial worries about being back in school and moving out of the ‘family bubble’ have been overcome already. It is so lovely to see the children’s smiling faces again!