Freezing Opportunities

The freezing weather  is always a ‘mixed blessing’. It has been very stressful for many parents struggling to get to work because of the snowy and icy driving conditions and the very slippery paths. At the same time however, it has brought some real fun and joy to many who made the most of the snow for snowballs, snowmen and sledging! Children at school have certainly enjoyed the times to be out in the snow-covered playground with their class bubbles!

The freezing conditions have also created the beautiful winter landscapes that we only occasionally see. Ice around the school has been a great source of some fantastic and spontaneous science learning. Why does salt cause the ice on the pathways to melt?  Why doesn’t the water at the bottom of the container freeze? Why does hot water freeze faster than cold water? It has been great to make the most of the opportunities presented to us by the weather.