The Genesis Federation:

The Genesis Federation consists of Beckley Church of England Primary School and Peasmarsh Church of England Primary School. The Federation has an overarching governing body and a Vision Statement.

Our Federation embraces the creation and development of ‘human flourishing’ through wisdom, hope, community and dignity.  We nourish our community on a journey of spiritual, moral, physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth that helps everyone to fulfil their potential through the promises and love of God. We work in harmony to promote ‘”Life in all its fullness”.

To contact the governing body, please email the Chair or the Clerk


Name Post Appointed Expiry
Andrew Button Co-opted Governor 01/09/2022 31/08/2026
Rhiannon Chillingworth Parent Governor 18/09/2022 17/09/2026
Jeff Clements Associate Member 24/03/2022 23/03/2026
Rose Durban Chair / Co-opted Governor 01/09/2021 31/08/2025
Vicky Dyer Associate Member 14/07/2022 13/07/2026
Revd Dr Owen Edwards Foundation Ex-Officio Governor 26/4/2021 25/04/2025
Marian Ham Foundation Governor 11/07/2019 10/07/2023
Emma Herbert Staff Governor 18/09/2022 17/09/2026
Chrissie Johnston Parent Governor 16/07/2020 15/07/2024
Ann-Marie Murphy Local Authority Governor 24/09/2021 23/09/2025
Revd Teresa Munro Foundation Governor 19/04/2021 18/04/2025
Paul Redstone Co-opted Governor 26/03/2021 25/03/2025
Robin Redsull Co-opted Governor 29/04/2021 28/04/2025
Lison Smart Headteacher – Peasmarsh 27/09/2018
Simon Thurston Headteacher – Beckley 23/01/2019

Roles and Responsibilities 2022-23

Declaration of Interests 2022-23

Code of Conduct 2022-23

Governor Attendance 2021-22/2022-23:

12.21 03.22 05.22 07.22 09.22 12.22 03.23 05.23
Andrew Button Y Y Y N Y Y Y
Rhiannon Chillingworth Y Y Y Y N Y N
Jeff Clements Y Y N Y Y
Rose Durban Y Y Y Y Y N Y
Vicky Dyer N N Y Y
Revd Dr Owen Edwards N N N N N N N
Marian Ham Y Y N Y N Y Y
Emma Herbert Y Y Y Y Y N Y
Chrissie Johnston Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Ann-Marie Murphy Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Revd Teresa Munro Y Y Y N Y N N
Paul Redstone Y N Y Y N Y Y
Robin Redsull Y Y Y N Y Y N
Lison Smart Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Simon Thurston Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Minutes of Federation Governing Body Meetings 2021-22/2022-23:

Mar 2023 FGB Meeting Minutes

Dec 2022 FGB Meeting Minutes

Sept 2022 FGB Meeting Minutes

Jul 2022 FGB Meeting Minutes

Mar 2022 FGB Meeting Minutes

Dec 2021 FGB Meeting Minutes

Sept 2021 FGB Meeting Minutes

March 2021 FGB Meeting Minutes

Rose Durban :  Chair of Governors

I live locally and want to contribute to making a difference locally and can’t think of a better way than to help contribute to changing children’s learning and life-chances across Beckley CE and Peasmarsh CE Primary Schools, which together make up The Genesis Federation.  I come with experience of working on behalf of vulnerable children within and across the education, health and voluntary sectors which complements the wealth of skills, expertise and support other governors bring.  Our job is to champion children’s learning and achievement in each of our schools. 

In my experience, what children and families say they need is simple and powerful:  I tell my story once, Support and services join up around me, People do what they say, I feel better, safer and able to learn and achieve 

I believe that every child in each of our two schools, Beckley and Peasmarsh has the right to be safe and cared for, succeed in learning, thrive and mature into adulthood, able to contribute to the economy and their community in a positive way.  I’m getting to know the Genesis community and even though I haven’t been part of it for very long, I’ve been hugely impressed when I meet with the headteachers and their staff to see and hear their passion and commitment to make this a daily reality for children.  

What matters to me is to think big for children, believe in them, and work together so that their rights are realised, their views shape decisions made about their lives and they respect the rights of others.  Together, as a governing body, we can make an important contribution to helping our school leaders ensure children are learning and achieving well, positive about themselves and their community and looking forward to a bright future. 

I am pleased and proud to be chair of our Governing Body. Please do get in touch via either of the schools if you want to contact me. 

 Revd Dr Owen Edwards:  Ex-Officio Foundation Governor

Paul Redstone: Co-opted Governor

Paul Redstone was appointed as an Associate Member in December 2020 and has lived in Cripps Corner since 1990. He graduated in Natural Sciences/Physics at Cambridge then worked at Logica, a computer software company. In 1989 he become co-owner of a pharmaceutical services company based in Battle which analysed clinical trials, working for most of the major drug companies.  The company grew to nearly 100 staff, before merging with a US company. In 1997 he started a software company based in Bodiam then Tonbridge, which he sold in 2011, since when he has worked as a freelance computer consultant before retiring.

In May 2021, Paul was elected to East Sussex County Council, as member for Northern Rother which includes Peasmarsh and Beckley schools.

Paul was a governor of Vinehall School for 13 years until 2019, concentrating on financial planning, strategy and key staff appointments. He was educated in the state system and with his mother, wife and two of his children as teachers has a long interest in education!  He believes strongly in the ability of education to give opportunities to all children to achieve their maximum potential, not only academically but in the life skills necessary to become fulfilled in this changing world. He is also involved in a number of local and national charities.

Ann-Marie Murphy: Local Authority Governor   

Ann-Marie is a trained Secondary school teacher but now works in educational publishing for Primary and Secondary schools.  She grew up in Hastings and has taught overseas for many years in Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Spain. She moved to Battle in September 2015. 

 Together with her husband she offers respite fostering across Kent and Sussex to children aged 4-18, often with special and complex needs. She has annual ski and sailing trips and but loves exploring the local area too.  

She began as a Co-opted governor for two small Primary schools in East Sussex in December 2019, responsible for SEND and then EYFS.  She is particularly keen to ensure that all children are safeguarded well and can fulfil their full potential whatever their background, special educational needs or disabilities. 

Teresa Munro: Foundation Governor

Marian Ham: Foundation Governor

Marian has taught in Church Primary Schools for over 40 years, in Surrey, Kent and East Sussex, and was the Head teacher of Sedlescombe CE Primary School for 25 years, until 2016 when she semi-retired. Marian is passionate about all children enjoying a creative curriculum, through an exciting broad and balanced curriculum, which places importance on outdoor learning, the arts, music and drama. 

As a Foundation Governor with the Genesis Federation, she is leading the Ethos Committee which focuses on supporting, and further developing, the strong Christian Life of the Schools, which she believes is very important to the whole school community. Daily Collective Worship, RE teaching and learning, the Christian vision and values being known and lived out through all of the work of each school, as well as supporting the Federation Schools on their actions and preparation for their next Church Inspections, are key areas of her work. There are 3 other Governors on the Ethos Committee working with her. 

Marian currently teaches music and piano two in local schools over two days per week and runs a local weekly children’s singing club. She lives in Playden. 

Andrew Button: Co-opted Governor

Andrew is a qualified Actuary and a member of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. He has recently semi-retired from his role as CEO of an insurance company, after working in the insurance and banking industries for more than 35 years.  Andrew lives locally and has 2 adult children and 3 adult stepchildren.  He was previously a parent governor at his children’s primary school in Brabourne. Andrew hopes that he can use the skills and knowledge gained over many years to help support the Federation.

Simon Thurston: Headteacher – Beckley

Simon has been teaching since 1987, initially in secondary schools, with the last eleven being in primary schools.  He has taught all ages, from 4 – 18 and says that the 4 year olds are the most scary! Simon is passionate about supporting the pupils, parents and staff in his school to thrive, flourish and excel in every aspect of life and sees the school as playing a key role within the local community.

Out of school, Simon and his wife are very involved in a local church and in any other time left over, he is busy either playing the drums, watching rugby, going for walks and enjoying meals with his family.

Lison Smart: Headteacher – Peasmarsh

Lison really enjoys working at Peasmarsh School because every day is different and exciting. The children make her laugh and she likes to hear the stories that they tell her. When she is not at school, Lison likes to spend time with her family and two little dogs. She loves reading all sorts of books and finding out about the world.

Emma Herbert: Staff Governor

Emma has been working at Peasmarsh school since April 2010. She has experience of teaching year 1-6.  In September 2015, she started her qualification to become the SENCO at Peasmarsh which she finished in August 2016.

Rhiannon Chillingworth: Parent Governor

Rhiannon serves as a Parent Governor in the federation. She has been a teacher for 11 years and is Head of English at Rye College.

Rhiannon has a passion for the creative and performing arts and believes they play an integral role in the academic, emotional and social development of a child. She is also an advocate for reading for pleasure and the promotion of this in schools.

Chrissie Johnston: Parent Governor

Chrissie has two children who attend Beckley School.  A former Management Consultant, specialising in Financial Services companies, she had a special interest in using data to help her clients develop strategy. Since 2014, she has been on the Management Committee of the Peasmarsh Flying Start Pre-School, including serving as its Chair for a period.

As a parent, Chrissie loves to be outside with her children and is passionate about the benefits of outdoor learning. She holds a degree in Experimental Psychology and continues to be fascinated by how children learn.

Robin Redsull: Co-opted Governor