Let your light shine at Beckley

Over the past year, a group of pupils, staff, governors, parents and people from the local community have been working together to help the school develop a new school vision. Our new school vision has now been approved by the Governors and we can begin to introduce it to the wider school community. There are 3 parts:

  • Our strap line – ‘Let your light shine’ – a single phrase that sums up the school vision
  • Our school vision statement – roughly 50 words that describe what our aim is for everyone linked to the school
  • Our mission statement – a more detailed explanation of how we believe we can achieve our aims.

The most important thing about the school vision is that it isn’t something that just gets put on a wall or appears on the school website and is forgotten about! We truly believe that our new vision describes what is really important to us as a school and we will be working hard to make sure that everyone linked to the school is familiar with the vision, agrees with it and applies it to all aspects of school life. Whether we are pupils, parents, staff or people in the local community – we believe that the school can help all of us to ‘shine brightly’ in whatever we are doing!