New Marking for our Playground

Last week saw the last part of our playground redevelopment take place, as both playground areas had bright, new markings put onto the surfaces. The designs were chosen by our School Council, just before the school had to close in March.

Pupils looked at many ideas and created a design for the lower playground that included a range of different games like snakes and ladders and hopscotch. There is a also a target throw design and a fantastic exercise trail. On the top playground, we have kept the yellow multi-sports court area and next to this, added some coloured dash markings that could be used for a range of different sports activities.

The markings are made of a special plastic material that is carefully laid out in the shape of the design. The coloured plastic is then stuck to the playground surface by heating it, causing it to almost melt into place. While the plastic is hot, small plastic ‘beads’ are sprinkled over the surface which stick to it, giving the surface an anti-slip grip. It has been a long wait  to  finally  get  the  playground  finished,  but  we  are  delighted  with  the  end  results!