We’ve Been Busy!

Welcome back to all of the pupils and parents at the start of a new school year, and a big welcome to all of our NEW pupils and parents. Over the summer break, there have been a number of contractors in school, working hard to develop various parts of the building and outdoor spaces. Work over the summer has included:

  • Developing the piece of land behind the school, including access from the playground so that we can begin to use this area as an outdoor learning space
  • Re-developing the old staffroom so that we now have an extra two room spaces. One is being used as an office space for our bursar and SENCO, with the other room being multi-purpose for small group work; music lessons; meetings and a teacher workspace.
  • Decoration of the school hall
  • Decoration of the school entrance lobby
  • Completing the Learning Pad by adding a weather panel that allows us to countine to use the space as the weather deteriorates

The works carried out form part of our rolling programme to enhance, upgrade and develop our school environment.

Good News from OFSTED!

‘It was a pleasure talking with your pupils. I was impressed with how confidently they talked about their school, their learning and what they enjoy.’

Beckley had our OFSTED inspection on 14th June and we have now received our report from the inspector. There are many positive aspects to the report and we are very pleased to have been judged as a ‘good’ school. If you would like to read the full report and the parent letter from our governors, they can be downloaded from our Policies and Documents section on the web-site.

‘The school’s Christian values, particularly the need to care for eachother, are very evident.’

‘The curriculum provides exciting and memorable learning opportunities.’

Beckley Gets Active!

Since last week, pupils at Beckley are even more enthusiastic then ever to be active and exercise! This is because our brand new playgound exercise equipment has now been installed. Pupils have been having lessons to show them how to use the variety of exercise machines and the climbing wall, allowing them to exercise every day! The re-development has been funded through the Health Improvement Grant that we were successful in getting last year and our new playground is now a key part of our various activies to promote healthy living in the shcool.

Amazing Victorian Week!


Last week we celebrated our 200th Anniversary with a whole ‘Victorian Week’. This included the entire school dressing in Victorian costume for the week and every day having a different Victorian theme for the learning taking place.

On Monday – we held a Victorian history day, where the children learnt about clothing worn by rich and poss Victorian people, plus some of the different uniforms worn by Victorian soldiers throughout the empire.

On Tuesday – a photographer came to the school and we re-created some of the early photographs of the school from the Victorian period

On Wednesday – the school held our Beckley 200 Victorian tea-party, with Victorian food prepared by the pupils.

On Thursday – the whole shool visited Preston Manor – a large Victorian Manor house in Brighton. Here the children experienced life down in the servant areas, washing and cooking and then saw the contrast by finding out about life upstairs, where the wealthy family would have lived.

On Friday – we had a Victorian science day when the children learned about some of the major scientific breakthroughs that happened in this period of history.

What an amazing week!!

Year 5 Bike-Ability Week

This week our Year 5 pupils have all taken part in the cycle safety programme, ‘Bike-ability’. Cycle instructors have worked every day with the children, teaching them about safe cycling. The children have grown more confident about cycling on the road, going out every day under the supervision of the Bike-ability trainers. At the end of the week, the Year 5 pupils were assessed on their cycling skills, road awareness and knowledge of the laws about cycling on the road. We are delighted that every  one of the children passed both Level 1 and Level 2. Well done!

We are a Sun-Safe School

We recently took part in the national ‘sun safety week’ and used lessons and school assembly times to learn about the importance of being able to enjoy the sunny weather safely. Children  have engaged in a whole series of classroom activities and learnt the’Slip, Slap, Slop’ song – as a way to remember how to enjoy the sun in  a safe manner. As a result of our week, we have now officially become a ‘Sun Safe School’!


Our Chicks Have Hatched!

There has been great eggcitement(!) in Acorns class over the last two weeks and we have seen our chicks hatch. Throughout Term 5, the children have learnt about the chicks growing inside the eggs and have watched the incubator every day to look for any signs of the eggs hatching. Well, now they have and the children have enjoyed naming the chicks. In the photo, we can see Harry and Meghan!

Our new ‘Learning Pad’ is complete!

Our fabulous new outdoor gazebo, which we are calling the ‘Learning Pad’ was completed very recently. We are thrilled with the results and the children have already been using it for outdoor lessons, small group work, school council meetings and a lovely shady space for quiet reading and drawing at lunchtimes!

Year 6 Pupils win the regional Safety in Action competition!

Our fantastic Year 6 pupils took part in the Safety In Action event earlier in the year, and had a nice surprise a few weeks ago when they were informed that they had won the overall event – competing against more than 30 other primary schools from the area. The children learnt about dealing with potentially serious incidents and emergency situations – having to involve themselves in practical ‘reconstructions’ under the supervision of the local Emergency Services. They were a real credit to the school and the judges commented on how mature and involved our pupils were in their responses. We are in safe hands!

New Outdoor Learning Space is taking shape!

As you can see – our new outdoor learning space is beginning to take shape! Our ‘gazebo’ will be used with small groups to run a variety of programmes about building self-confidence, developing social skills, growning self-esteem, taking risks and problem solving. We are hoping to be able to start using our new space after the Easter holidays.