Oliver Production Ready for the Last Week of Term!

‘Consider Yourself’ nearly ready! That is the message from our staff and pupils in Key Stage 2 who have been rehearsing so hard for the Oliver  musical production that’s almost on us. Today, we started our final week of rehearsals and run-throughs before the three performances happening in the last week of term. As with all school productions, everything is suddenly coming together as costumes, props and scenery appear on an almost daily basis in the school hall and we hear the familiar songs from the musical drifting through the corridors on the air.

We have had to build in additional restrictions to ensure that our audiences are still socially distanced, but as a result we have arranged for THREE performances:

Monday 19th July – afternoon

Thursday 22nd July – morning

Thursday 22nd July – evening

We are very excited about the performances for next week and, judging by the by the fantastic sounds coming out from the rehearsals in the hall, we are certainly in for a treat!