Planning for September

We are really looking forward to September when, after many months, we will start to welcome back all of our pupils once again! On 23rd March, we closed our doors to all but a small group of pupils whose parents are key workers. The school has remained open, for our key worker pupils and more recently, pupils in YR and Y1. We have stayed open through the Easter and May half-term holidays and, since June, have seen the number of pupils in school increase to just under 30.

Throughout all this time, teachers have worked incredibly hard – planning work for children to complete at home, marking the home learning, posting up videos, contacting every pupil in their class to make sure they are ok, and teaching those in school as well. Other staff have been coming into school really early every morning to clean every table, chair, door handle, work surface, floor, toilet and piece of  playground equipment.

Throughout all this time, parents have tried their hardest to juggle working from home, whilst helping their children to keep their learning going and complete the home learning activities being set by school – in some cases several schools, since they have children going to different schools.

Throughout all this time, children have had to try and adapt to ‘school’ taking place on the kitchen table and doing so much more work on a computer screen. They have missed running around in the playground, missed their singing in whole school worship times…and missed their friends.

It has not been the same – nothing like the same.


We ARE returning in September! It won’t be like normal – in fact, many of the ways that we do things will be different. However, we ARE coming back to be a school…together, at Beckley, pupils and staff, friends. Although we don’t quite know how we might all feel – we will enjoy seeing each other smile, laugh, making jokes, being happy when we achieve and being kind to one another.

It will be great!