Red Maple

red-mapleMrs Williams and Miss Bolton are the class teachers for Red Maple, where Mrs Hurst is the teaching assistant. Mrs Williams teaches the class each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, with Miss Bolton teaching the class each Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.

As Year 1 & 2 children are in the same class their work is carefully differentiated to allow for differences in age, experience and ability. Children in Red Maple build upon the foundations of learning they have developed in their early years and begin to apply their skills and knowledge to a more extensive range of situations.

The pupils in Year 2 are statutorily assessed in the summer, using national curriculum tasks and tests to support teacher assessment, and these results are reported to parents.

Mrs Williams, Miss Bolton and Mrs Hurst

Our theme for terms 3 and 4 is 

If you Go down to the woods today ...

This term we will learn about:

  • bears through research

  • toys old and new
  • where bears live around the world

  • animals and their habitats

  • (RE)

  • creating art using different media including clay

Please could we have:

  • Any soft toy bears for our role play/reading area
  • Any visits with old toys from the Victorian era onwards 


Class teacher: Mrs Williams and Miss Bolton
Teaching assistant: Mrs Hurst


  • Please sign your child's reading record every evening, after hearing them read and put it in their book bag every day
  • Please make sure that your child has their coat with them in school
  • Children need their wellington boots in school for any visits to our woods
  • PE is every Wednesday and Thursday - please make sure that your child has their full PE kit in school for every lesson

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