Springwatch at Beckley!

Shortly after we went into lockdown, there was a discovery made in the Acorns outdoor area. Underneath an upturned red storage box in the outdoor area, we discovered that a pair of Wagtails had made a next and had laid 5 eggs! We have been keeping a very careful eye on the next and watching to see how the adult birds have been sitting on the eggs to incubate them.


Today, we discovered that the eggs have hatched and we now have a nest of very newborn, tiny chicks! The adult birds will now be taking it in turns to look after the nest and go out of the box to collect food, as their babies will need almost non-stop feeding. It is wonderful to see something like this so close to where we are out playing in the playground, and amazing that the birds have stayed on the nest with all out noisy playground activity so close by!