The ‘adventure of learning…’

Over the last two weeks, Mr Thurston has been using his daily video posts to talk about some of the key aspects of the school vision statement. Over the last school year, the ‘new’ school vision has been introduced to the school and pupils have begun to see how the vision is applied to everyday school life at Beckley. The school vision is one of the most important foundations for the school to build on, as it sets our core beliefs and values, describing what is important to us and where we are aiming for as a school community.

Mr Thurston has been explaining in more detail how the opening sentence of our school vision can be applied to everyday life at school.

‘At Beckley, we embrace the adventure of learning, encouraging everyone to step out further, think more deeply and become more understanding.’

This week, he is looking at the final section of this sentence – what it means to ‘…think more deeply and become more understanding.’ Listen to his daily video posts to find out!