Vision, values, motto and Ethos

Our Vision


At Beckley, we ensure that we celebrate achievement in all of its forms, as well as the effort that goes into to making progress. We work hard to cultivate a sense of genuine belief in others, alongside a self-belief that enables people to take risks and ‘have a go’, without a fear of failure. These qualities are able to flourish because we make caring a really high priority – care for others, care for our work, care for our surroundings.

Our Values

At Beckley, the curriculum is firmly rooted in its Christian foundation: enabling every child to grow spiritually and emotionally; fostering imagination and a deep sense of personal identity and self-worth; providing guidance through the loving example of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

Our hope is that each child will develop an appetite for learning that will endure throughout their lives. Our aim is that every child will be excited and motivated in their learning, so that they engage fully, cultivate positive attitudes and relationships and make good progress. We are passionate about supporting our pupils to fulfill their true potential and ‘Achieve, Believe and Care’.