acornsMiss Bolton is the class teacher in Acorns, supported by Mrs Ongley. For children in early years education, there is an emphasis on learning through play and independent activities that run alongside. This is designed to develop the foundation skills that the children need in order to develop as successful learners. Therefore, equal relevance is given to the  development of social and emotional skills, as well as phonics, writing and number development.

The security offered by the firm yet happy setting of our Acorns class enables the children’s educational foundations to be established.

A typical day for the children in the Acorns class is made up of many different elements: speaking and listening, phonics, reading and writing activities, stories, poetry, art and craft, developing mathematical and scientific skills and knowledge, religious education, P.E. and music. With our new inquiry based curriculum this is now focussed around a question. This is explored through different activities and lessons. During these sessions more questions arise from the children and our learning is directed by them. A  knowledge organiser with some of the areas covered will be available for parents, with the progression of skills and correct vocabulary clearly explained. This way parents have an insight into the children's learning and can help at home.

Thank you for all your support

Miss Bolton and Mrs Ongley

In term 1 we will be learning about ourselves

Our focus question is:

Can I build another me? 



Class teacher: Miss Bolton
Teaching assistant: Mrs Ongley


  • Please sign your child's reading record every evening, after hearing them read and put it in their book bag every day.
  • We like to get out as much as possible so please make sure that your child has their coat, hat and gloves with them in school everyday when it is colder.
  • Children need their wellington boots in school for any visits to our woods or to the orchard.
  • PE is every Friday with an extra session on a Thursday every two weeks. Please make sure that your child comes to school in their named PE kit on these days for their lessons.

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Acorns Class Prayer 

Dear Lord

Keep us safe this night

Safe from all our fears

May angels watch us whilst we sleep

Till morning light appears



Messages from Miss Bolton -

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4th September 2020

  The Acorns Gallery

W/B 21/09/20 - Our second full week in pictures:


A few of the activities that the class explored during the first week at school ...




Take a look at some of the things the children explored on their first day in Acorns Class 9th September 2020. Thank you for staying outside parents and gandparents, it was was reassuring for them to know you were about 😁  - except for those of you who were told to go!🤣

Previous years learning in photos: 

Home Learning 2020 in photos - click to see them!

Using our senses on a Gruffalo hunt in the woods ...



Thank you to Zoe Orchard Farm Flowers for letting us gather some of your lovely apples. We took them back to school and made delicious apple muffins and bird feeders which we hung in our orchard area. The children also took some home - what did you all make I wonder?