acornsMrs Nash is the class teacher in Acorns,  supported by Mrs Startup. For children in early years education, there is an emphasis on learning through play and independent activity that goes alongside. This is designed to develop the foundational skills that the children will need in order to develop as successful learners. Therefore, children engage in activities that support the development of social and emotional skills, alongside their phonics, writing and number development.

A typical day for the children in the Acorns class is made up of many different elements: talking and listening, reading and writing activities, stories and poetry, art and craft , developing mathematical and scientific skills and knowledge, religious education, P.E. and music. These are usually organised around a particular theme (e.g. 'Weather' or 'Space' ). These themes usually last about a term and incorporate all aspects of the curriculum. The security offered by the firm yet happy setting of our Acorns class enables the children’s educational foundations to be established.

Thank you for all your support

Mrs Nash and Mrs Startup

Our focus for this term is:


Overview of learning journey:

Exploring the different types of journeys and the types of transport used.

Finding out about transport.

We will begin our learning journey by going on an imaginary train ride and observing a real miniature steam engine at our school!

Learning journey steps:

  • What journeys do we go on and when?
  • Finding out about different types of transport.
  • Sorting types of transport.
  • Creating a transport alphabet - researching chosen transport type.
  • Opening our own Travel Agents and Airport
  • Designing and making 3D models of transport
  • Reading, sequencing events and ceating own ideas from stories.
  • Learning about the history of balloon flight.
  • Creating a papier mâché hot air balloon.
  • Making and testing own planes/ hot air balloons.
  • Building a class train and train station.
  • Programming and controlling the Beebot.
  • Collecting data and making bar charts.
  • Finding out about transport, weather and journeys.
  • Exploring floating and sinking - building and testing boats.
  • Inventing our own fantasy transport and journeys.

During our learning journey we plan to go on a train journey to the lifeboat station in Hastings.  We also plan to visit an airport.

Finally, please could we have any books related to transport. Also could we have small boxes to make 3D models.



Class teacher: Mrs Nash
Teaching assistant: Mrs Startup


  • Please sign your child's reading record every evening, after hearing them read and put it in their book bag every day
  • Please make sure that your child has their coat with them in school
  • Children need their wellington boots in school for any visits to our woods
  • PE is every Thursday - please make sure that your child has their PE kit in school for their lesson

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