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Here are some useful links to organisations we work with:

We are federated with Peasmarsh Church of England Primary School. This means that we have a formal partnership with Peasmarsh, with one governing body which serves both schools. As a federation, we share resources, plan joint activities and school trips, meet as staff to share ideas, work collaboratively for planning, marking and assessment. For two small rural schools, our federation enables each school to give very positive and practical support to one another, whilst allowing us to maintain our own unique identities.

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Rye Alliance of Schools

We are part of the Rye Alliance of Schools. This is a group of  6 local primary schools and the local secondary school. We meet regularly to share ideas, resources and common issues. The Rye Alliance looks at ways that we can collaborate on projects or issues that we are all wishing to engage with. By taking a collaborative approach, the Rye Alliance have been able to jointly fund projects that have benefitted 7 schools; built greater capacity within the alliance than any of the schools would have indivually and supported one another with training and resources.

The Rye Alliance is made up of the following schools:

  • Beckley CE Primary School
  • Brede Primary School
  • Peasmarsh CE Primary School
  • Rye College (secondary school)
  • Rye Community Primary School
  • St Michael’s CE Primary School, Playden
  • St Thomas’ CE Priumary School, Winchelsea

We are a Voluntary Controlled Church of England school in Sussex, which means we receive support and guidance from the Diocese of Chichester and are accountable to them for the ways in which the Christian ethos and values are embedded throughout our school. Their web-site provides details about the many and varied ways that the Diocese works in partnership with all of their schools.

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We are a primary school who come under the authority of East Sussex County Council. Their web-site contains lots of information about all of their school, admission processes, term dates, adverse weather details, and so on.

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Ofsted is a government organization that regulates and inspects the services that care for children and young people, and the services that provide education and skills training to learners of all ages.

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