Vision, Values, Mission and Worship

‘Let Your Light Shine’

Matthew 5.16

Our Vision

At Beckley we embrace the adventure of learning, encouraging everyone to step out further, think more deeply and become more understanding. Inspired by our Christian values, we will develop our skills, our courage and our wisdom to achieve beyond expectations and become successful learners, caring citizens and confident individuals. Through God’s love, we are nurtured, we are inspired and we shine.

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Our Values

At Beckley, our approach to learning is firmly built upon Christian values: enabling every child to grow spiritually and emotionally; fostering imagination and a deep sense of personal identity and self-worth; providing guidance through the loving example of Jesus Christ. The following  six key values run through all that we do:


  • Love

  • Compassion

  • Kindness

  • Forgiveness

  • Truth

  • Courage

Our Mission

We believe everyone in our school can be…

A Successful Learner who:

  • is motivated by their natural curiosity and is excited by the adventure of learning
  • enjoys thinking creatively and solving problems
  • is inspired by challenge and makes the most of opportunities
  • demonstrates perseverance, resilience and commitment to create a better world
  • learns from passionate and committed staff

‘Lift up your eyes and look from the place where you are.’ Genesis 13:14

A Confident Individual who:

  • has a sense of self-worth and personal identity
  • is responsible, independent, confident and respectful
  • has secure values and a spiritual awareness based upon Christian and moral principles
  • reflects on their place in the world and celebrates the wonders and mysteries of life

‘Encourage one another and build each other up.’ 1 Thessalonians 5:11

A Caring Citizen who:

  • is polite, considerate, accepting and tolerant
  • works well with others and includes everyone
  • helps the heart of their local community to beat strongly
  • celebrates diversity and values the unique gifts and potential of every individual
  • recognises they can play a part in affecting national and global causes

‘Set a good example for everyone. Go out of your way to do what is right.’ Titus 2:7

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Our School Worship

As a Church of England school, we place a high importance on whole-school worship. This happens on a daily basis and we base our worship on a Christian Value which changes every school term. Staff, pupils and the clergy from our local church lead school worship regularly. We also hold a weekly time of celebration, when parents are invited to join us as we celebrate examples of success, confidence and care that have taken place during the week.

We strongly believe that the celebration of achievements by pupils and adults plays a vital part in building a sense of pride in ourselves and pride in others.


Prayer and Reflection

Each class has a small prayer space where pupils can post questions, prayers and display some of their Heartsmart learning. Every child has a Reflection Journal, which is a bit like a ‘spiritual diary’. this is used for them to write comments, questions and prayers relating to their weekly worship times and Heartsmart learning.

We also have a larger Prayer And Reflection Space in the school library. Pupils enjoy here to spend a few quiet moments thinking, reflecting and praying.

Prayer and Reflection Space
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