Beckley Open Mornings

Tuesday 14 through to Friday 17 Nov – 10am to 12 noon

We are opening up our school for any prospective of parents who are interested in applying to send their child here, starting in September 2018. Our open mornings are happening between  Tuesday 14th through to Friday 17th November. These are normal working days for the school, so you will see Beckley as it really is every day of the year! You are welcome to visit any time between 10am and 12pm. If you are able to contact the school office beforehand, it will help us to organise some pupils to take you on a tour, but please feel free just to turn up!

Children and Parents Learn about E-Safety

This morning, we held a series of e-safety workshops for each of the classes in school. E-Safety consultant, Andrew Gunn visited the school and ran an interactive session with all of the children, helping them to become more aware of how they can stay safe when they are online. There was also a very successful session attended by 18 parents which outlined a wide range of ‘top tips’ that parents could use to help families use the internet more safely at home.