Special Educational Needs

Our school aims for every child to access a challenging and engaging curriculum which allows them to learn about being healthy individuals and have respect for other cultures and values. We recognise our duties under the Children and Families Act 2014 and the Equalities Act 2010. We are committed to supporting every child with their individual needs. Every student is valued, nurtured and helped to develop confidence and self-belief in their strengths and abilities and to develop life skills.

The following document provides some detailed information about SEN at Beckley:

Beckley SEN Report – Jan 2024

Through continuous and on-going assessments, we identify issues and barriers that might be preventing a child from making progress with their learning. We believe that very often, the most effective way to support pupils facing such challenges is for them to be with their class, being taught by their class teacher, where what is being taught  is adapted and use a range ot resources designed to support individuals with their learning activities.

In addition to this, there are occasions when pupils will benefit from working with staff in smaller groups, sometimes 1:1 , using other programmes designed to meet a particular learning need. There are a number of intervention support programmes we use within the school, which include the following:

To Support Physical Development, Mobility and Motor Skills

  • Jump Ahead
  • Sensory Circuits
  • Busy Box

To Support Speech and Language Development

  • Speech Link
  • Language Link

To Support Social Skills and Self-Esteem

  • Talk About
  • Zones of Regulation

To Support Mathematics

  • Dynamo Maths

To Support Reading and Spelling

  • Nessy Learning
  • Willows Spelling
  • Bullyeye Spelling


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