How awful were the Ancient Egyptians?

This term, we are continuing to explore Ancient Egypt. On Monday we developed our mummification technique and have since written instructions on how to mummify our very own teddy! 

In English, in honour of Remembrance, we are using the video The Piano to develop our literary skills. We are developing our figurative writing through inference and imagining a story about the old man who is the focal point of the story.

We are using this video and further learning around Remembrance to help us create a whole class loop poem that Year 5 will read out during our service at the cenotaph.

In Term Two science we are putting our scientific skills to use by researching Evolution and Inheritance. We will be delving into the history of evolutionary scientists and digging up information on fossils. What has your Evergreen inherited from you?

To honour Remembrance and the centenary of the Royal British Legion and the wearing of the poppy Evergreen class have been learning about the significance and different colours of the poppies. We used this learning to create a large poppy made of individually crafted smaller poppies, representing all four remembrance poppy colours. This creation was inspired by an image on the Royal British Legion's website of the foreman of the first poppy factory holding the, then, largest poppy made!  

This week, to commemorate Remembrance, the children created a piece of silhouette art. To further our commemoration, we have been learning about The Christmas Truce and have been writing poetry to teach the younger members of the school about the historic event. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch: ddiplock@beckley.e-sussex.sch.uk

Derek's Updates!

Derek spent his time after school today adding things to the food bank basket, in the school office. These items get delivered to Rye Food Bank.

Evergreen Class Gallery!

We were very excited to have author Thomas Taylor visit us on Tuesday 19th!

Class Teachers: Miss Diplock and Mrs Tallett

Teaching Assistant: Miss Maxwell 

Class Reminders: 

  • I will be checking reading records every Thursday. Please ensure your Evergreen is reading with an adult or independently at least three times a week
  • Spelling homework will be going home every Tuesday, following a spelling lesson. This homework will be due in the following Monday. This weeks spellings can be found here also Spelling Lists
  • Evergreen PE sessions are every Friday afternoon and alternate Thursdays (dates are on the school newsletter). Please ensure your Evergreen wears their PE kit to school on these days.
  • Knowledge organisers for topic and science. These have also been sent home.