Were the Anglo-Saxon's Really Smashing?

Our first unit of the year is the Anglo-Saxons and Scots. We will be waving off the Rotten Romans and welcoming in the Smashing Saxons, hoping they can answer our questions: who were the Smashing Saxons? How did they influence our place names? What are the comparisons between our lives and life in an Anglo-Saxon village? How have they left a lasting influence in Britain? Can your Evergreen think of any additional questions to add to our classroom question wall?

In English, we will be continuing our deep dive into Anglo-Saxon life through Michael Morpurgo's Beowulf. Who... or what... is Grendel and how will Beowulf protect us?

Term  One's science is all about the circulatory system. How do our heart and lungs work in conjunction with one another? How do we get nutrients? Why are a healthy diet and exercise good for us (groan!)?

With so many questions that need answering, I hope you can support your Evergreen through this exciting first term! Please find knowledge organisers for Art, Topic, Science, RE and Computing to the right of the page.


Do not hesitate to get in touch: ddiplock@beckley.e-sussex.sch.uk

Class Reminders: 

  • Reading records are to be in school every day: they will be checked by an adult every Thursday. Please ensure your Evergreen is reading with an adult or independently at least three times a week
  • Spelling homework will be going home every Tuesday, following a spelling lesson. This homework will be due in the following Monday.