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Some colourful Easter artwork by Sophie. Archie purchased a copy of Paul Nolan’s Demons of Dunkirk novel. He received a personal handwritten letter and some puzzles and codebreakers. 



The Evergreens class is for our year 5 and 6 pupils. Mrs Tallett and Mrs Morley are the class teachers, supported by Miss Maxwell and Mrs Ongley.  Pupils in Evergreens take on many responsibilities within the school, such as being ‘school ambassadors’, ‘reading buddies’, ‘sports leaders’ and operating the Audio Visual equipment in our whole-school worship times.

For our children at the top end of the school, developing a greater sense of ownership of their learning is vitally important. Our Evergreen pupils will regularly be involved in assessing their work alongside the teacher and using this to gain a clear understanding of their progress. As the pupils at the top end of the school there is a strong awareness of the demands of the National Curriculum tests, which are taken in Year 6. Pupils work hard alongside Mrs Tallett, Mrs Morley, Miss Maxwell and Mrs Ongley to prepare for these end of Key Stage 2 tests, regularly monitoring their progress towards them.

Our Year 6 pupils also spend time throughout the year preparing to move on to the next stage of their education into secondary school. We work very closely with all of the local secondary schools and academies to ensure that this transition is a positive and exciting experience for our children.

The Evergreen class enjoy a 5 day residential experience, once every two years, which is always a wonderful opportunity for them to develop and grow in confidence, independence, teamwork and creative problem solving.

 Mrs Tallett, Mrs Morley, Miss Maxwell and Mrs Ongley


Our learning for the next two terms will be based on Ancient Egypt

In this Egyptian unit we will learn in depth about the achievements of this ancient civilisation. We will learn about how and
where the ancient Egyptians lived, what was important to the daily lives of ancient Egyptians, who Tutankhamun was and how mummies
were made (especially all the gory details!). The children will also learn about how Egyptian people used hieroglyphs to communicate and compare the powers of different gods. The children will be creating their own museum full of: art, sarcophagus’, jewelry and death masks, as well has cooking traditional Egyptian recipes. 





Class teacher: Mrs Tallett and Mrs Morley
Teaching assistants: Miss Maxwell and Mrs Ongley

New Home learning activities 

Monday 29th June – Week 5 Timetable Term 6 Week 5 Learning Menu

Monday 22nd June-Week 4 Timetable

Monday 4th May – Week 3 Timetable

Monday 27th April –Week 2 Timetable

Priorities for homelearning are: all the maths, spellings, English and reading sessions on the timetable. 

The resources for Week 2 are all on Purple Mash. 

Mrs Morley and Mrs Tallett xxx

Purple Mash instructions

Term 5 letter

Mrs Tallett’s mole video ? 10.6.20.

Video from Mrs Morley ? 27.03.2020

Video from Mrs Tallett 28.03.20?

Video from Mrs Tallett in the bluebells 24.04.20.?

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Hello everyone, we hope you are all ok.

All of your learning will now be sent every Friday via email.

You will have a weekly timetable of activities to complete, and all resources will be put in to your Work to do at Home folder on Purple Mash. 

Parents have been sent a letter detailing what is expected on a weekly basis. 

If you have any problems please email us. The children are also able to email us directly through Purple Mash if they have any difficulties with their learning.

Keep safe and well.


Mrs Morley and Mrs Tallett x

Monday 30th March

Good morning Evergreen,

Well done to those of you who have completed some of the Purple Mash activites, I have left feedback for you. This week I have allocated the following activies:

Purple Mash – Grammar activity: relative clauses (Mrs Morley, who is the Evergreen teacher, allocated a grammar activity on Purple Mash.) 

Purple Mash -Learning Journey – The Life of Sigmund Ciffer – I have allocated the first section of reading and the questions that go with it. Have a go at making your own family tree on 2 connect. Watch the help videos as these show you step-by-step how to set it out. Have a look at the template on Sigmund Ciffer (found in: topics, WWII, Life of Sigmund Ciffer, Chapter 1 Family Tree). Call the family members you are unable to see at the moment, ask them about their parents and siblings – they’ll love hearing from you.

Mathletics – I think there was an issue with submitting but that seems to have rectified itself. I have allocated some sessions on decimals. Remember the decimal doesn’t move! Multiplying and dividing by 10,100,1000 isn’t even maths – the numbers move up or down. 

https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/ – week 2 sessions 

https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/ – week 2 sessions

I have had a lovely email from Paul Nolan (our WWII workshop leader) and he has given me a link to his website, where you are able to buy a signed copy of the books you would have been able to purchase on the day. He will also send out free puzzle books and writing frames to you. http://www.paulnolanauthor.co.uk/

Have a lovely second week, and be good for your parents!


Mrs Morley

P.S. email me some pictures of the things you are up to and I can share them on the website ? 

Thursday 26th March

Good morning Evergreen,

I hope you are all well and not feeling too bored. Here are some fun learning activities you could do over the next couple of days.                         

Garden challenge                                    Measure and calculate the perimeter and area of your garden/bedroom/favourite room in the house.  Draw a detailed plan of your chosen area including the measurements.  Use the equation:      Area (m2) =Length X Width           No tape rule, no problem! Count how many paces or create your own unit of measurement using string/wool.

Observation study                                Observe your pet/sibling/parent for a day.  Write a diary entry/draw a comic strip/create a script for a nature documentary describing their day from their perspective.  Remember to use correct punctuation, interesting vocabulary and complex sentence structures to engage the reader.

Please email your finished work to me by Wednesday 1st April.  I look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to!  Good luck, Mrs Tallett.


  • On Purple Mash, we have set a to do for a piece of biographical writing about Anne Frank’s life. Use the information provided, and some research of your own, to write about Anne’s tragic life. Think about using: past tense vocabulary, formal language and cohesive devices to link your sentences and paragraphs (adverbials-ISPACE; conjunctions – because, although, however, as a result of; inverted commas to show quotes). 
  • Two coordinates sessions set on Purple Mash. 
  • We use Whiterose Maths in school, here are some links to year 5 and 6 challenges: 


  • https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/

The due dates are set for July, so there is no rush to get them done. 

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