Mrs Grice and Mrs Morley share the teaching of Evergreen, and Mrs Maxwell supports in class over the week.

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I wonder what life was like in the 1940s…


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Over the next two terms, we will be studying WWII. We will learn when and why World War II began and find out about the key individuals and countries involved. In addition to this, we will discover all about evacuation; learn what it was like to live with food rationing and explore the contribution made by women to the war effort. Furthermore, we will learn important facts about the Holocaust and investigate events that were key turning points in the war, such
as the Battle of Britain and the German invasion of Russia.

Studying World War II will help us develop our investigation and evaluation skills; learn to organise information chronologically and understand how past events have helped to
shape the world we know today

In term 4, we will be going on a trip to Dover Castle. The castle played an important role in WWII, in the planning of ‘Operation Dynamo’, the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940 and also became a top secret HQ. We will take part in a Secret Code and Siphons session to find out more about the work carried out inside the Secret Wartime Tunnels at Dover Castle by breaking codes and helping to complete a secret mission.

In our art lessons, we will learn how to write like an Egyptian and make some ancient scrolls with our own papyrus.

In English, we will be using the text Goodnight Mister Tom. This text goes hand-in-hand with our history topic, as we follow Willie and Tom navigating their new relationship alongside the changes happening in Britain during the start of the war. 


Class Teachers: Mrs Grice and Mrs Morley
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Maxwell


  • Reading records are to be in school every day. Please ensure your Evergreen is reading with an adult or independently at least three times a week.
  • Spelling homework will be given every Friday following a spelling lesson. The children will be given time every day to practise their spellings at school but please do read the words through with your children, ensuring they understand the meaning and how to use them.


Curriculum Overview

Y5 and 6 Curriculum Overview – Terms 3 and 4


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History: WWII


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