Curriculum Statement of Intent:

Our Intent:

At Beckley, our curriculum is designed to embrace the adventure of learning, encouraging everyone to step out further, think more deeply and become more understanding. Inspired by our Christian values, we will develop our skills, our courage and our wisdom to achieve beyond expectations and become successful learners, caring citizens and confident individuals.

We believe our curriculum will support pupils to become successful learners who:

  • are motivated by their natural curiosity and is excited by the adventure of learning
  • enjoy thinking creatively and solving problems
  • are inspired by challenge and makes the most of all opportunities
  • demonstrate perseverance, resilience and commitment to create a better world
  • learn from passionate and committed staff

confident individuals who:

  • have a sense of self-worth and personal identity
  • are responsible, independent, confident and respectful
  • have secure values and a spiritual awareness based on Christian and moral principles
  • reflect on their place in the world and celebrate the wonders and mysteries of life

and caring citizens who:

  • are polite, considerate, accepting and tolerant
  • work well with others and includes everyone
  • help the heart of their local community to beat strongly
  • celebrate diversity and value the unique gifts and potential of every individual
  • recognise they can play a part in affecting national and global causes

Our Implementation:

We take an enquiry-based approach towards learning, building on the natural human curiosity and interest we all have, allowing pupils to develop a personal sense of ownership and responsibility about their learning.

Curriculum Policy:

Curriculum Policy nov 2014

Curriculum Overviews for 2021-22

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