Blue Spruce

blue-spruceOur Year 3 and 4 children make up the Blue Spruce class. For our Year 3 pupils, this is an important time as they move into Key Stage 2. In Blue Spruce, children begin to take more responsibility for their learning and develop a greater sense of independence.

Mrs Grice, Mrs Morley and Mrs Griffiths

Term 1 and 2 -

What was it like living in the Stone Age? 

We will learn about how early man survived in a harsh environment, why Skara Brae was important for understanding life in the Stone Age as well as understanding the chronology of this fascinating time, children will learn about the food, religion, homes, technology and art and how each of these areas developed and changed over time and how amazing developments occurred from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

In English, we will be using an information text: The Pebble in my Pocket. This information book does what all information books should do: excite the reader’s interest, curiosity and sense of wonder where none may have existed. Meredith Hooper, an award winning science writer, brings her expertise and storytelling skills to the subject of the Earth’s history, beginning with the contemplation of a pebble and a question. The absorbing text and illustrations take the reader through the 480 million years of the pebble’s journey, from the spectacular furnace of volcanic eruptions to the cool seashore and the grassy field. 

In Geography, our Extreme Earth unit will teach us about the destructive powers of nature, from volcanoes and earthquakes to tsunamis and tornadoes. Through discussion and practical tasks, children will learn about how and why these natural phenomena occur, and the ways in which they affect people and the environment.                         

Letters and General learning resources:

Science - Rocks science-knowledge-organiser-rocks-year-3-_ver_15

Art - Prehistoric Painting-  Knowledge Organiser

RE - Creation - Creation

Home learning useful links:

Should your child need to self isolate, work will be sent home but the websites below have lots of activities for children to do at home.


Class teachers: Mrs Grice and Mrs Morley
Teaching assistant: Mrs Griffiths


  • Book bags can now be brought in to school so children should bring their reading records every day.
  • Please sign your child's reading record  after hearing them read. Children need to read at least three times a week at home.
  • Weekly spellings will be sent home every Friday. Please practise these with your child at home.
  • Water bottles and a fruit snack should be sent in with your child every day. Please remember to clearly label everything.
  • Please make sure that your child brings a coat every day as the weather is changeable.
  • PE is on Friday afternoon, children should come to school wearing their PE uniform on those days.
  • Blue Spruce also have PE every other Thursday afternoon. See newsletter for dates.

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The Blue Spruce Gallery

When learning about the Earth, we used plasticine to mould the different layers from the inner core all the way to the crust. 

Here we are making the decoration for our recycled drums. We used a wax-resistant technique and some action painting to create our finished designs: 


Our author visit from Thomas Taylor, who illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and is the author of The Eeerie-on-sea series.

Little Gate Farm - decorating their Christmas tree with our hand made ornaments.