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How Have the Ancient Greeks Influenced Our Lives Today?

This Term, we're travelling back in time to explore the Ancient Greeks.  We'll be understanding the impact of Alexander the Great, how the Olympics started and the similarities and differences with todays modern games.  We will be finding out who the gods and goddesses were and why were they so important to daily life in Ancient Greece. 

In English this term we are looking at Ancient Greek myths and legends through 'Falling Out of the Sky poetry anthology'.

In science this term, we have been learning about electricity.  We have been building circuits, finding out about insulators and conductors and will be using this knowledge to create our very own working torches! 

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Class teacher: Miss Diplock
Teaching assistant: Mrs Griffiths

Class Reminders: 

  • Reading records are to be in school every day. Please ensure your child is reading with an adult at least three times a week. Please ensure adults write a comment into your child's reading record when you have heard them read.
    • Spelling homework will be given  every Monday, following a spelling lesson. The children will have time, everyday, to practice their spellings at school but please do read the words through with your children ensuring they understand the meaning and how to use them.
    • Class spellings can be found here: Week 2 ey said a
    • Year 1 and 2 common exception words can be found here: Common-Exception-Words-Years-1-and-2

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The Blue Spruce Gallery

Blue Spruce had a fantastic time at Smuggler's Adventure in Hastings. Although it was quite scary to start with, our eyes adjusted to the gloom and we learnt about how smugglers used crafty ways to bring contraband into England. We were even lucky enough to eat our lunch on the beach and have a ride on the West Hill Lifts. 

When learning about the Earth, we used plasticine to mould the different layers from the inner core all the way to the crust. 

Here we are making the decoration for our recycled drums. We used a wax-resistant technique and some action painting to create our finished designs: 


Our author visit from Thomas Taylor, who illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and is the author of The Eeerie-on-sea series.

Little Gate Farm - decorating their Christmas tree with our hand made ornaments.