What is Heartsmart?

Heartsmart is a resource that we use throughout the school to support our work on Personal Development, Character Education, Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing.  It is based upon Christian teaching about love and identity and the Heartsmart programme links very closely to our school worship programme.

The Five Heartsmart Values

1. Don’t Forget to Let Love In

Learning how important, valued and loved we are.

2. Too Much Selfie Isn’t Healthy

Exploring the importance of others and how to love them well.

3. Don’t Hold On To What’s Wrong

Understanding how to process negative emotion and choose forgiveness to restore relationships.

4. Fake Is a Mistake

Unpacking how to bravely communicate truth and be proud of who we are.

5. ‘No Way Through’, Isn’t True

Knowing there is a way through every situation, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Our Heartsmart Value this Term Is…

Every term, we take one of the Heartsmart High Five values and link it to our themes for school worship. This term we are learning the ‘No way through”, isn’t true’. We face challenges and struggles in one shape of form virtually every day. Do we give up or give in? How do we overcome life’s challenges? What will help us to keep going and not give up? Learning about the importance of resilience, trusting others to help us, courage and perseverance will really help us to flourish in life.

Boris the Robot

Boris is a central character to Heartsmart and is introduced through a story. It is a window into his heart and mind leading to a host of meaningful discussions. The children identify with Boris and explore their own internal dialogue through his story. They learn how to tune into the voice of truth and love.

Click here to read the story of Boris the Robot





Heartsmart Family

To compliment the Heartsmart programme that we use at school, there are some excellent resources for families to use at home, including video clips, craft activities and discussion ideas. By clicking onto the link here, you will be taken to the Heartsmary family section of the website: