Christmas has officially arrived at Beckley now! Children came to school today, dressed in their Christmas jumpers, and spent the morning making all sorts of wonderful Christmas-themed crafts for the Beckley Christmas Fair next week. Decorations, art work and Christmas Tree hangings were all being made by the children, wonderfully helped by a whole army of parent helpers.

Just as we all thought the Christmas excitement couldn’t get any better, we then had a very special visitor come to school in the afternoon! Yes, Father Christmas came to Beckley and each class took it in turn to meet him. The children all received a lovely book from Father Christmas and left the specially decorated ‘Christmas Grotto’ with a lovely mix of wonder and excitement.

A huge ‘thank you’ goes out to the parent helpers from the Beckley School Association and the school staff, who worked really hard to make today’s festivities such a fabulous experience for the children. And, of course…a really special ‘thank you’ to Father Christmas himself, especially at such a busy time of year!


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