Amazing Bollo African Music Project with Evergreen Pupils

Written by Simon Thurston
October 12, 2023
Bollo African Music Project image 2

This week, Year 6 and some of our Year 5 pupils had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful music project. A team of musicians from The Gambia and Zimbabwe came to the school for two days to work with the Evergreen pupils, introducing them to traditional music from The Gambia. Pupils discovered how ‘Bollo’ music (meaning ‘freedom music’) has been a strong part of traditional Gambian culture for centuries, linking traditions and culture with spiritual beliefs. The musicians helped our pupils to learn and play Bollo music, mixing African drums with the solo instruments that some of the pupils are learning to play – guitars and keyboards.

The two day workshop culminated in a performance to parents and the school, where pupils even performed solo improvisations within the context of a Bollo song! The Evergreen children really enjoyed the experience which helped them to learn about how music can be so different in other cultures, but can bring joy and freedom to people all over the world!

Bollo African Music Project image 1
Bollo African Music Image 4
Bollo African Music Image 3
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