Beckley celebrated World Book Day yesterday and, as is always the case, pupils and staff fully embraced the day with imagination and enthusiasm. There were tigers, princesses, dinosaurs, super-heroes, ninja warriors, dragons, Harry Potter characters and robots all arriving at the school gate in the morning! Throughout the day, the older pupils visited children in the younger classrooms and paired up with them to read each others’ books and talk about their characters.

In the afternoon, pupils enjoyed our ‘Mystery Reader’ event. Here, pupils had chosen to go and listen to a story read by a staff member, based only on the title and the book and not knowing who the staff member was, or where in the school they would be going!

At Beckley, we really place a huge importance on children developing a love of reading as well as knowing the importance of reading. For this reason, World Book Day is a fun day to dress up, but actually it is really just part of our everyday reading culture at the school, where reading is at the core of everything we do!

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