As you will remember, at the very end of January we had a formal OFSTED inspection and we have now received our official report. We are delighted to announce that we continue to be a GOOD school! All schools in England and Wales are formally inspected by the Office for Standards in Education – OFSTED, roughly every 4 to 5 years. The process begins with the recognition that the school was judged as being ‘good’ in our previous report, in June 2018 and so the inspection is checking to see if this is still the case.

Two inspectors spent a day at Beckley, looking into every aspect of school life – talking to pupils, staff, parents, governors, local authority advisors and the Diocese of Chichester. A huge amount of information is collected, including looking at school data and our website, ‘painting a picture’ of the school from which their judgements are drawn.

The lead inspector writes a report, outlining their findings and this has now been made public. Although the school was judged to be ‘good’ in June 2018, the standards required to achieve this  outcome now have changed significantly, meaning this is even more reason to be proud of our achievement this time round!

Inspectors were really impressed by the attitude and behaviour of the children, their appetite and enthusiasm for learning. They praised the high standards of teaching right across the school and the ambitious curriculum delivered. Here are a few quotes from the report:

 ‘Smiles abound at Beckley Church of England Primary School. Pupils enjoy coming to school here. They attend well. Pupils arrive cheerfully, brimming with enthusiasm for the day ahead.’

‘Pupils want to do well. They apply themselves, follow instructions and work diligently.’

‘The school has worked hard to devise an ambitious curriculum which interests pupils and builds their knowledge in a wide range of subjects. Pupils achieve well. Outcomes in English and mathematics are consistently strong.’

‘Reading and learning to read are recognised as important priorities. Pupils get off to a good start because phonics is taught well…pupils throughout the school are confident and enthusiastic readers. They are captivated by the books that their teachers read to them and keen to discuss their favourite authors and genres.’

We are really pleased to have such a strong report and feel that it presents a strong validation of the journey we have been on, and the direction we are moving in. Thank you to everyone who makes this such a wonderful school to be part of!

Here is the full copy of our OFSTED Report.

10296186 Beckley Church of England 114490 Final PDF


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