We Won’t Forget…

Written by Simon Thurston
November 15, 2023
Remembrance Day notice board in school image 1

At Beckley, we strongly believe that remembering those who have sacrificed their own lives to allow us to live in a safe, free and peaceful society is incredibly important, and so every year the children create an art display based upon the theme of ‘Poppies’ and ‘Remembrance’.

Our older pupils also take part in the Beckley Village Memorial Service, laying a wreath and reading out their written work, based upon the Great War. Pupils from the school have been taking part in this memorial service for over 100 years and this is a tradition that we feel honoured to be able to continue.

Paintings, drawings, and art made from a wide-range of materials have all featured in our display this year, creating an important impact for people when they come into the school. Please make sure you take time to look at the art work if and when you visit us. We really think that our display helps us to ‘remember’.

At Beckley School, we won’t forget…

Remembrance Day notice board in school image 3
Remembrance Day notice board in school image 2
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