Whole School Trip to Canterbury Cathedral

Written by Simon Thurston
July 12, 2023
Canterbury Cathedral

Last week, the whole of Beckley school went on a trip to the amazing and historic Canterbury Cathedral. As well as being amazed by the incredible architecture and sheer scale of this wonderful place, the children participated in a range of different workshops and activities that helped them understand more about the history of the building and the part it has played in the history of the whole country!

Canterbury Cathedral Interior
School boy with hammer and chisel sculpting stone

Pupils learnt about the stained glass windows and the stories they tell, and then made some of their own. Children enjoyed discovering how the magnificent cathedral was built, over 800 years ago and without any machinery to help the stone masons, carpenters and craftsmen with their work. The pupils were also taken on a guided tour of the cathedral, dressed in historical costumes to help them re-enact the story of Thomas Beckett and King Henry II.

Canterbury Cathedral Stained Glass
Children making pictures of stained glass

Our trip to Canterbury Cathedral was largely funded by our incredible BSA (our parent association) and it was wonderful to have many parents join us for the day. We want to say a massive ‘thank you’ to the BSA for helping us have a most fantastic day – one that won’t be forgotten about for many years to come!

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