Throughout the week, lines of Year 5 pupils in hi-viz vests and brightly coloured cycle helmets have been seen all over Beckley village. They have been out on the roads with the Bikeability instructors practicing for their assessments and learning how to cycle safely on the roads. After spending their first session on Monday developing their technical cycling skills in the playground, our Year 5 pupils moved onto the roads around the village, learning how to move off, turn at junctions, stop correctly and navigate roundabouts. It was wonderful to see how quickly their confidence grew so that, by the end of the week they were ready for their assessments. All of our Year 5 children passed with flying colours!

The Bikeability week is something that we hold every year and we think this is a really important and practical skill for all our children to have. As always, the wonderful Bikeability instructors did an amazing job at not only developing the road awareness and cycling skill of each pupil, but also  helping each one to be confident, calm and in control! Well done Year 5s!

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